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I hope someone takes pictures of the Silver contest.

Enna Isilee

Working on my entry for the gold contest. Really wish I was at the EVENT so I could participate in the Silver contest.

Enna Isilee

Alas, this is the best I could do for now. The goat was too high for me to reach, thus this picture does not contain me. But it does have the book, and a real(ly dead) goat! And doesn't that make him the ultimate scapegoat? ;)


Marcus Aurelius

The Silver contest was glorious, but unfortunately I was labeled (unjustly, I contend) fearful. Also, I feel that I was robbed of the bronze prize.

All-in-all, a wonderful evening.


Dean Hale, does your home rupture in coolness between you, Shannon, and all your little Hale-beasts? 'Cause I think it might. Just sayin'.


I will be going to Virginia for a college class soon... Interesting pictures shall ensue.
Congratulations, goat-man!


Also, I thought you would appreciate this random page on my school's domain:



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Adie Andrews

I am so curious what you wrote in the origami goat?

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Ana-Francisca Haas

I love your Scapegoat book and so does my son, who's almost two. He'd write to you himself, but maybe for a future book in a few years when he's learned his letters. We got it from the library a week ago and we've read it every day a few times a day since. My son's favourite part is the part about the snot in the tote (great new word for him). He goes around saying "Jim is nasty". He also likes the "eating grass with some sass" part. He finds the word "sass" funny. I wonder why.
I love your wife's books and I knew she was married to a Dean, but it didn't click in that you were that Dean, till I read tonight the bio on the book's jacket, where it said you were married to a Shannon and referenced Rapunzel's Revenge.
Anyway, this is getting off topic, but I love your book and you need to write more of them.

Elizabeth Craig

I second Ana-Francisa Haas's statement. You need to write more books. Quit being so lazy!

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